Saint's Aura Complete Edition

2008-05-25 15:00:54 by steelknuckles

Saint's Aura Complete Edition Is Roughly 47.63% Complete, All Normal Levels (1-60) Are Completed, I Hvae Started On B+P Auras After That Will Be Bot Auras After That Staff Auras And After That The Whistle Auras, Finally Ending Up With The Blank, Proof Of Alfies Work. NOTE!!: This Is Collaberative, Alfie Made The Art, I Made The Flash.

Saint's Aura Complete Edition


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2008-05-26 09:56:20

Thoes knuckles look brass too me...

steelknuckles responds:

actually they are steel witha shiny gold taint.


2008-11-16 20:18:38

Holy crap. I hope my idea, "wings of silver" doesn't count as copying. it came before silver wing but i still hope it isn't copying.

steelknuckles responds:

no its fine, I'm making anew website anyway.


2009-10-20 15:45:00