I'm Back With A New Hobby

2009-08-02 06:47:30 by steelknuckles

I am a Web,Grpahic,Audio & Flash Designer i learn it by myself i use it by myself and i upload it for you by myself, also I am starting a new website for me and maybe others that need some development site.

Saint's Aura Complete Edition

2008-05-25 15:00:54 by steelknuckles

Saint's Aura Complete Edition Is Roughly 47.63% Complete, All Normal Levels (1-60) Are Completed, I Hvae Started On B+P Auras After That Will Be Bot Auras After That Staff Auras And After That The Whistle Auras, Finally Ending Up With The Blank, Proof Of Alfies Work. NOTE!!: This Is Collaberative, Alfie Made The Art, I Made The Flash.

Saint's Aura Complete Edition

Silverwing's Jumpstart

2008-05-25 11:35:02 by steelknuckles

It brings me t ogreat pleasure to inform you all me and Alfie have the new Silverwing up and running although we are hort staffed, me and alfie are the only staff and only admins, please sign up and if you post in input in the requests category to become staff, we are hand picking any amount of members we feel are good to fit these staff roles:




Feel free to apply; tell us a bit about you why you should have that role how you could help us in that role what you have to offer are you a flash graphic/audio designer? we are design team and we allow anyone in who can create and upload and willing to have a silverwing production and a link to us somewhere in the flash beggining/end is reccommeneded even if yo ucan't do any of that don't worry we might still accept you and you still can post and hang around our forums, so feel free!

Silverwing's Jumpstart

I have a new hobby and i am now a graphics designer come to my website lots of mod positions and things like that avaliable as soon as you sign as well as members only extras!!!

The link is on my website link at the side or you could just go here: Silver Wing

Everythings Downed

2008-05-05 06:23:01 by steelknuckles

Sorry, I won't be producing anything else due to the studio shut down and everythings going wrong but still, enjoy what you have got, i might be uploading 1 final song soon.

Hello To All My Audoring Audio Fans & Fantastic Flash Fans,

I Have Now Opened My Own Site With Newsit.es Please Visit It & PM Me, Mail Me And Leave A Comment With Feedback Please Heres A Link: http://ngartiststeelknuckles.newsit.es / And More Info Below:

Please PM Me About Any Bugs, Like Things Not Working Properly & Restericted Access. Also It My Say Forbidden As It Is Under Construction Use Aim To Tell Me About Problems Insted If You Want & As I Said, PM Me, Mail Me And Leave A Comment With Feedback Please

No More Audio

2007-08-18 04:24:52 by steelknuckles

Sorry To All People Who Like My Audio My Studio Is Down, My Sister Deleted My Pre-made tracks and as of my studio being down i cant create any more at the moment it may take anyhere from 3days-6weeks and even after its fixed it needs a maintance check and stuff like that.

Sorry Fans Of My Audio I Too Am Upset About This news As I Will No Longer be able to record audio for you whcih is fun but then its an even bigger saddness because everybody i know likes my audio and so do some NG Users Like Me, Thats The Reason If I Don't Have Audio I Can't Submit It For You.



2007-08-15 12:00:25 by steelknuckles

I Don't Know How To Create Flash Games Or Movies But I Can Make Audio- I Have Bunch Ready To Submit But Because Of Rules I Can Only Submit 2 A Day So If Your A Fan Of My Audio Please Be Patient For More As I Too Have To wait Except Not In The Same Way.

Also If Sombody has any messenger ie. msn yahoo or aim and knows how to make flash movies and games and knows where on the web i can get the software+provide me tutorials please contact me my messenger ids are lukehanney@hotmail.com (msn) anything_at_chelsea_fan (yahoo) or luke6104 (aim) all help from all users is greatly appreciated by me my friends and my family.